Acrylic Walls

Acrylic Wall Thermoforming


ISI Bathroom Systems is committed to providing value to our customers with high quality products at reasonable prices. To fulfill this commitment we have commissioned our own thermoforming oven which enables us to produce acrylic simulated tile wall systems and accessories. 

ISI Acrylic Walls and Accessories

ISI produces its own simulated tile wall panels and shower caddies. We also carry smooth white wall systems and simulated stone patterns.

Flat White Wall Panels

Flat White Wall Panels

Subway Wall Tiles

Subway Tile Wall Panels

8X10 Tile

8X10 Tile Wall Panels

Smooth White Prairie Shelf

Smooth White Prairie Shelf

Subway Tile Wall Detail

Subway Tile Detail

Island Brand Walls and Accessories

Our smooth Island Brand acrylic walls will add style and adventure to your bathroom renovations. We are proud to offer a variety of colour options to satisfy your customers.

ISI Bathroom Systems has partnered with suppliers who are committed to providing you outstanding quality at a fair price.

Quarry Granite Color Chip Labelled
Island Sand Color Chip
Maritime Color Chip Labelled
Island Reef Color Chip Labelled
Island Dunes Color Chip Labelled